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After a 3 year absence we'll be re-releasing our first @gabsfestival beer
After a 3 year absence we’ll be re-releasing our first @gabsfestival beer “Acid Freaks!”. We’re so grateful for all of the love for Milk and Two Sugars in 2015’s #h100beers that we’ve decided to release of one of our most highly requested beers as our way to say thanks. Acid Freaks is a 7.5% Balsamic Baltic Porter made with Cabernet Balsamic Vinegar from @sirhendo’s brother @lirahvinegar. There have only ever been about 80 cases produced. The sweetness of the Baltic Porter is balanced out by the slight tartness from the Balsamic Vinegar but don’t call it a sour, rather, think of Acid Freaks as something that blurs the line between beer and vinegar in a way that’ll make you tilt your head and say “wtf?”. Scheduled for a late February/early March release, hit up your local awesome craft beer store or bar now to ensure you get your hands on it.

Are you freak enough? Go on. We’re watching.

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